july 27, 2019



For a group rate at the Silver Cloud - Lake Union Hotel, you can book rooms online or by telephone.

The Silver Cloud - Lake Union Hotel provides complimentary parking for guests as well as a shuttle downtown. The hotel is located 3.5 miles from the wedding venue. Transportation to and from the wedding will be provided.

Online: Visit this link.

(This link is pre-logged into  "SCH-NOO" group, so you will not need to fill in a GROUP ID or PASSWORD. If you do not see that you are pre-logged into "SCH-NOO" group please notify the sales department at sales@lakeunion.silvercloud.com or call 206.447.9500 and ask to speak with the sales department.)

By telephone: Call the hotel directly at 206.447.9500 and ask for the "Scheer-Noonan Wedding" or "SCH-NOO"group profile and a guest services agent will be able to assist with making your reservation.


Wisteria Hall (adjacent to the Graham Visitors Centers) in the Seattle Arboretum. 2300 Arboretum Drive E, Seattle, WA 98112

The dress for the wedding is formal.


Friday, July 26, 7:00-10:00 p.m.: Drinks & mingling, Vermillion (casual dress)

Saturday, July 27, 4:30 p.m.: Wedding ceremony & reception, Wisteria Hall, Seattle Arboretum (formal dress)

Sunday, July 28, 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.: Farewell bagels, Silver Cloud - Lake Union Hotel (casual dress)

Sunday, July 28 (post-bagels): Swim & hang on Lake Union, Terry Pettus Park (a 12-minute walk from the Silver Cloud Hotel!)

Wedding Zine

We need your help. We want to create a “wedding zine” with each of our guests contributing a page. The zine will serve as both a program and a memento of the occasion. We hope you can write a few words, draw a picture, find a photo, remember a quote, or anything else you think you can fit. It can be about Rachel, Danny, the both of them, or whatever else you would like to share. Hopefully all together it will add up to tell the story of Rachel and Danny, their relationship together, as well as the bonds they have with their family and friends. If nothing else, it will give you something to page through if you get to the venue too early.  

We need your submissions by June 1st. Please keep in mind it will need to fit on a 5” x 8” page. You can send them to Rachel (scheer.rachel at gmail.com) or Danny (noonandaniel711 at gmail.com).


Please take the time to request one or two songs you’d like to hear during our wedding reception. Send to Danny (noonandaniel711 at gmail.com).


Honeymoon Registry

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